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Submit demo

In order to determine if your music is on par with our quality standards, we required you to submit atleast one demo which will help us gauge the quality of the music you put out. Our music department will listen to your demo and get back to you with in 5 business days with confirmation as to whether your music is approved for our platform or not as well as a link which will enable you to register a phenom artist account.

Setup artist account

After we have approved your demo we will send you a link that will enable you to register your phenom artist account. This account will enable you to upload more of your music easier. You will also use this account to connect to the Phenom artist app when it launches - it is from this platform where you'll be able to see all information concerning the music you have uploaded to the platform.

Get your music heard

All the music you upload to the platform will be added to our music library and will be shared with our community of listeners on the Phenom App when it launches. You can then choose to monetize from your music via our pay per stream option or by selling your music directly to your listeners

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